When I became a mom, I fully planned on raising incredibly healthy eaters. I would make sure that they ate their vegetables and learned how to try foods. They would be adventurous. They wouldn’t want to eat all of the processed foods that I demonized on the regular.

Oh, how naïve I was.

My first kids, twins, they just came to me as good eaters. They ate what I offered them. They loved all the homemade baby food I made for them. They ate what we ate most of the time. It seemed so easy! I thought I had clearly figured this out.

My third son came and he was just plain different. He challenged me as soon as we introduced foods. He refused most of the food I offered him. I was so confused. Why didn’t he just eat like my twins? Suddenly, I was starting over.

By the time my 4th arrived, my daughter, I realized that every kid comes with their own tastes. And frankly, she was no different. But with her we added eczema and LOTS of allergies on top of that.

So, my plan to raise these great eaters was a lot more complicated than I originally planned. And then… I started down my disordered eating path and I spent a lot of time moralizing foods with my kids. When I started climbing out from that period of my life, I had to take a hard look at how I wanted to adjust my approach with my kids.

I’ve done a lot of work to change my narrative around food and repair some of the damage I inflicted on my kids. Watch the video to learn from my mistakes!!